First thing is first.  It is no secret that Vinho Verde's literal translation is "Green Wine".  What some don't know is that It is named after the wine's age though rather than the color.  Verde or "Green" describes it as a young wine.  Being true to the name, Vinho Verde is meant to be drank immediately rather than stashing in your cellar. In fact, the reason for the recent flux of Vinho Verde's in the market is thanks to the screw cap.  With a cork, they never made the trip over the Atlantic very successfully.  

Vinho Verde comes to us from Portugal.  It is a blanket name for a wine that can consist of many different grapes.  The most popular is Alvarinho.  You may better know it as Albarino in Spain.  Others grapes found in Vinho Verde are Arinto, Loureiro, Trajadura, Azal and Pedernã.  Overall, no matter the grapes used, they tend to share similar characteristics.  They are crisp and usually on the dry side.  They are not meant to be thought about and debated.  They are simplistic and thanks to the usually low alcohol content, they can be quite quenching on a hot day. 

Vinho Verde is getting very trendy as of late.  So much so that our favorite ice cream shop, Jeni's, in Columbus, Ohio has created a flavor using it.  It is a Wheatgrass, Pear and Vinho Verde Sorbet and it is delcious. Check it out here at Jeni's Ice Cream.

Gateway is a newer label in the United States.  The blend here is Arinto, Loureiro, Trajadura and Azal.  It is one of my favorite  Vinho Verde lines I have tried.  If I could describe it in one word, it would be bright.  It is a crisp white that goes down almost too easy.   It is extremely refreshing and shows a nice hint of citrus and pear.  It has a nice touch of acid on the end that gives it a nice bite.

Gateway Vinho Verde in a Nutshell:

Description:  Almost clear in color with a hint of green (Could be name playing tricks on me).  Bright white wine with hints of citrus and pear.  Lively finish thanks to razor sharp acidity.  Easy to drink.

Pairing: I enjoy it as an appetizer or along with our salad course of a meal.  Could also work well with a flakey baked cod or another white fish.
Vintage/Price: Always drink Vinho Verde that is within a year of production.  The Gateway is a 2011.  It is a bit expensive compared to others that have flooded the market but I believe it to be well worth it.  It should be in the $12 range.

For more information on the wine, please go to: Gateway Vinho Verde



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Love the blog...you had me on "Easy to drink" with this one and I am totally sold on trying the ice cream!!!


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